About the Cubes

This series of work addresses the state of living during the pandemic and the things we hold dear. I want to focus on the relationships created between being limited by space and becoming more familiar with the stuff we surround ourselves with. With the outbreak of the coronavirus we were all restricted within our homes. I took this opportunity and created a body of work focused on the minimal, contained and small life that the pandemic imposed upon us. For me, I had a variety of materials gathered over a few years. So, I set to work trying to find what it meant to live life during lockdown. What it meant to be isolated. After much exploration, I found the cube best captured this feeling I was experiencing: the restriction, the simplicity, the appreciation for what we have, the self-exploration, the learning to just be. The variety of materials represents the things we carry with us: our memories, keepsakes, people. Some of them will be familiar others new. The different materials and the minimalist cube work together to let each material stand on its own and to just be what it is. The foam cubes on the other hand need some help to express their total selves. I found this to be a great parallel to life and that sometimes trauma can expose beauty. My hope is to help you examine your life, find what is important and that your struggles actually help define our wonderful selves. I want to give you the desire to figure out what life is made of and an appreciation for just being.