About Me

I live and work in Philadelphia, PA. I live with my partner of 14 years and a cocker spaniel named Percy. Throughout my life I have explored different fields of artistic training. I attended Dell’ Arte International, a school for physical theatre, which took me to the wonderful city of Philadelphia where I worked as an actor and director for several years. After exploring theatre, I found myself eager to dive into the fine arts and painting. I attended the Community College of Philadelphia where I trained under Jeffery Reed and found my affinity for the object and sculpture. This led me to train in sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) under the tutelage of Robert Roesch. At PAFA I found that I had an intimate relationship with materials and color. I then strove to find as many different materials as I could and delve into their possibilities with both form and color. This fascination with material led to a complete inquiry of what could be done with each substance. As such, my artistic practice became focused on process, material and color. Through this discovery I found a new body of work to explore which heavily leaned on the idea of color, shapes and movement.