i wish today could be tomorrow
and tomorrow yesterday
to disappear from a moment
and return another day

today, i cant handle
tomorrow maybe

Big Gestures

i make a move 
to you

i open my life
for you

but you think the gesture small
a deal wasnt made
about what i just gave

so my love was dismissed
and i rejected


my rage know no bounds
its unending
and fueled by lack of commitment

stand up
get offended
speak out

your opinions
fuel change

im enraged 
by your container
holding justice back


sun kills
my appetite
for living

its beams burn
my eyes
my chest

i want nothing more
than to get it off my back

bring the clouds
the rain
the night
the solace

My thread

i get attached

i carry my thread 
and needle
into every friendship


i want you
to be part of me web

but i try to catch you
before your ready

making scars

Without you

i try to think
what life would be
without you


i cant bear it
what would i matter
without you

I dig

there is a hole
in my backyard

each morning i jump in
and dig

this morning
i could no longer reach the top

so i slept in my hole
and when i woke
i began to dig again

i know its fruitless
but i dont dig to get out

i dig
because its what i know
i dig 
because its comforting
i dig
because when all else is gone
my hole will still be there

when ive pushed everything else away
it will still be there
on the days i dont dig
or the days i forget
it will still be there


i dig


I loop my rope around you
my anchor

you save me
from flapping
from being carried away
on the wind

you stop the fear
of the vast sky
where the next kite
seems so far away

I can come out
from underneath my rock
and fly
because of you


it will break
don't go


I plead
I cry
I scream at you

it's delicate
this thread 
attaching we